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I've seen it time and time again, this bullshit story that we as entrepreneurs tell ourselves that everything must be done by us, right now, without abandon, and at any cost...if we want SUCCESS. That everything else must be sacrificed. 

This however, is an uphill battle-I unfortunately found that out the hard way, but luckily, you DON'T have to.
" if you want to be Successful, find someone who has Achieved the results you want and copy what they do:
- Tony Robbins - 
The Lie:
I have always been a fighter, and coupled with that, I have always thrived on proving wrong anyone and everyone who dared to tell me "you can't" or "you wont." That was my fuel. What motivated me everyday to sacrifice whatever I had to sacrifice to be a success. 

You Can't: Rise above your station in life...but I did. 
You Can't: Marry the most beautiful and sought after woman in our high school...but I did. 
You Won't: Make it into Dental School...but I did.
You Can't: Earn your MBA while simultaneously earning your dental degree...but I did.
You Won't: Be successful in building a niche dental practice in the most saturated dental market in the U.S...but hell yes I did.
You Can't: Rival a conglomerate like Clear Choice with a local homegrown practice...but I am. With outstanding results. I am. 

My wake up call came a few years ago when I as an entrepreneur, a dad, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend, a boss-found myself feeling like despite all the success I had and all the naysayers I proved wrong in my life and in my career, I was failing at all of the major roles in my life. 
- Tony Robbins - 
The Lesson:
I've been lucky, I've worked hard, and I've sacrificed to find the success that I have in my career. I built my practice with blood, sweat and tears and for a while my success came at a hefty price. 

I have volumes to teach. Both professionally and personally to all those who want to listen. Who wish to grow and who see the value in using my mistakes to bypass the very pitfalls I fell prey to.
"One of the most rewarding parts of success is being able to share what you have learned to try and help others."

- Richard Branson - 
In my deep desire to share and guide those around me  I have pulled together a list of My Top 10 Tips for Lasting Success Without the Sacrifice for entrepreneurs out there who are trying to navigate the waters of Success, Balance and Having it All without burning out on the work. 
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